An Exceptional White Wine in Nantes Vineyards bouteilles-chocolat-2

  • A unique terroir

Wines come from recognized and INAO-classified vineyards which bedrock is called "gabbro".

  • A unique grape

Le Cru Gorges is a 100% made of "Melon de Bourgogne" grape grown almost exclusively in Nantes region.

  • A well-rooted and cared vine

During summer, a committee member of the INAO and winemakers control yield potential which should not exceed 45hl/ha which corresponds to 6-9 bunches per vine.

  • A specific winemaking

A traditional fermentation of grape juice followed by aging on lees in small underground tanks for at least 24 months.

  • An accreditation

A specific accreditation is awarded by a jury of experts after testing and tasting before and after bottling process. Each bottle has a specific i.d. number. 

This rigour throughout the production process, combined with the expertise of the winemaker, makes Le Cru Gorges a great wine.


  • Powerful, rich, elegant, racy, you will love it throughout a meal.
  • Surprising aperitif with foie gras on toasts.
  • Ideal partner, distinguished by its minerality when accompanying noble fish in a sauce.
  • Harmonious, with white meats thanks to its elegance.
  • Incomparable, when served with goat cheese, it emphasizes its inimitable bouquet.

Le Cru Gorges wine should be served at a temperature of 10 to 12°, the decanting being highly recommended.